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Shona Sculptors and Other Zimbabwean Artists

Zimbabwe Artisan Alliance

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Zimbabwe Artisan Alliance

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It All Starts in Zimbabwe

All throughout Zimbabwe, local artists create amazingly detailed and handcrafted pieces of art. From stone carvings, also known as Shona sculptures, metal work, textiles, and mixed media art, the level of skill, detail, and passion can be seen in each piece. Jill Cox, the founder of the Zimbabwe Artisan Alliance, purchases their wares at a fair price. This allows them to have immediate payment to help their business and to pay for their living expenses. The art is then carefully packaged in bulk for safe travels and then shipped to the United States.

The United States

The art arrives in the U.S. and is carefully unpacked, separated, and is stored until sold. Through home art shows, farmers markets, events, and online sales, Zimbabwe Artisan Alliance re-sells the art at a respectable price.

Back to Zimbabwe

After the art has been sold, then 30% of the net profits is sent back to Zimbabwe to aid three charities: SOAP (Save Our Aging Pensioners), Zimbabwe Farmers Trust Fund, and Tariro . This is what happens when you purchase art from Zimbabwe Artisan Alliance. By purchasing art from us, you’re helping the three Zimbabwean charities, helping us be able to purchase more art from the artists while creating a sustainable form of income for them, and stimulating the Zimbabwe economy.

The three charities that Zimbabwe Artisan Alliance sends 30% of net profits to:

1. SOAP - Save Our Ageing Pensioners

SOAP operates on a completely voluntary basis. All the funds received are spent on purchasing food and parcels are delivered monthly by volunteers, who generously give their time and energy, to areas throughout Zimbabwe. These monthly goodwill parcels are personally delivered to 250 pensioners living in their own homes or cottages in retirement complexes. SOAP tries to include in each parcel an assortment of food and dietary staples, along with other necessities. These aging people, who have no other means of assistance, will not survive without you.

2. Zimbabwe Farmers Trust Fund

The Farm Family Trust have appealed to many agricultural and associated manufacturing industries, companies and individuals and have been generously assisted, however, medical costs have risen and more and more ex-farmers who are financially stretched have to apply to FFT for assistance. Funds are finite and FFT is appealing to a wider section of the community within Zimbabwe and externally to contribute financially to assist these farmers and their families in their medical assistance and medications. The future of FFT lies in the hands of its benefactors. FFT is appealing to you to become a benefactor and as long as finance is available FFT will continue to help those dispossessed farmers and their families who seek and qualify for assistance.

3. Tariro

Tariro means "Hope" in Shona. They work for hope for young people in Zimbabwe by helping them in education, hunger relief, sanitation, counselling and care. All sponsored students have lost one or both parents to illness and poverty. This organization focuses on providing help that is crucial to orphans and young people, in Zimbabwe. They help multiple ways, such as providing food, paying school fees, transporting young people to school/college, weekly counselor services, and other beneficial projects. Tariro is a wonderful organization that Zimbabwe Artisan Alliance is proud to donate to.

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