Get Your Garden in Shape with Our Lawn & Garden Collection

Spruce up your garden, lawn, and home exterior with incredible Zimbabwean art! All metal items are made from recycled metals. Your lawn should reflect your own unique personality and have a relaxing ambiance. Below are some of our favorite lawn and garden pieces!

This lovely stone bird perches on a recycled metal pole and is available here.


 Beautifully crafted birdbath from recycled metal with little robins, ready to greet other birds!


 These heron will bring a sense of elegance and grace to your lawn or garden. Available here and here.

Rock on with these musicians in your garden! Perfect for a music lover! Saxophone player available here and guitar player available here.

These bicycle plant holders or candle holders perfect for a front porch, garden, yard, or inside the home. These bicycles are available here.


This Shona rabbit sculpture won't munch on your garden! Beautiful detail, this Zimbabwe artist sculpted a wonderful little rabbit. This little rabbit is available here.

Great yard art items made from recycled metal. Zebras can be found in many of the National Parks in Zimbabwe! These zebras are available here.

Friendly little Southern African hedgehogs full of character and a perfect fit for your garden!  Get yours here!

This bird bath is perfect for any garden! This bird bath looks beautiful in the sun, due to the various tones in the metal. This birdbath is available here.

The Hoopoe bird is common in Zimbabwe and has a very distinctive call.  This metal variety is hand crafted from recycled metal and is the perfect addition to your yard art! Get yours here.


These rabbits are perfect little greeters for your garden or front porch. Available here. 

This recycled metal sculpture warthog family, beautifully depicted by artist Sheppard, is a  favorite trio and can be found in many Zimbabwe gardens! Get yours here.


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