2017 Holiday Shopping Guide

The holidays are quickly approaching! Check out Zimbabwe Artisan Alliance's 2017 Holiday Shopping Guide to help you figure out your gift shopping!


Brighten up your family or friend’s yard or garden with a birdbath!

Large stone birdbaths available here.

Small stone birdbaths available here.

Shallow recycled metal birdbaths available here.

Fluted recycled metal birdbaths available here.




Look at these lovely angels, a perfect gift for your loved ones! Made by the artist Kingstone using stone and recycled metal.

Available here: https://www.zimbabweartisanalliance.com/collections/all-art/products/angels


African Mammas

Give a unique and stunning gift this year! These lovely mammas are each unique and beautifully detailed. Get yours here: https://www.zimbabweartisanalliance.com/collections/all-art/african-mamma-collection



Don’t miss out on these fun placemats! Available in sets of 4, 2 and several singles. All placemats are hand painted and beautifully designed. All placemats are available here: https://www.zimbabweartisanalliance.com/collections/all-art/placemats


Cheetah Sculpture

Look at the detail in these cheetah sculptures! These would make a wonderful gift for the home or office. Available here: https://www.zimbabweartisanalliance.com/collections/all-art/products/cheetah-shona-sculpture


Dolphin Sculpture

Splash into the holidays with this lovely sculpture! This sculpture would be lovely for desk or office décor.

Get yours here: https://www.zimbabweartisanalliance.com/collections/all-art/products/dolphin-shona-sculpture



These are stunning bookends! Each is incredibly detailed and unique. Just look at the colors in the serpentine stone. See all of our available bookends here.


Father and Child

A loving and sweet father holding his child on his shoulders! Made from serpentine stone in Zimbabwe by the artist Kingston.

Available here: https://www.zimbabweartisanalliance.com/collections/all-art/products/father-and-child


Hippo Sculptures

These hippo sculptures are stunning! Each has its own unique colors, pattern, and expression. Available in extra-large sizes to mini sizes. These would look perfect in a garden, porch, living room or office!

See our available hippos here.


Stuffed Animals

Treat your little ones to a fun gift from Zimbabwe! These stuffed animals are brightly colored and hypoallergenic, each is different.

Get yours here: https://www.zimbabweartisanalliance.com/collections/mixed-media-pieces/stuffed-animals


2 Meter Table Cloths

Check out these stunning table cloths! 2 meters in length and each hand painted. The table cloths work perfectly for your dining room table or an outdoor table!

Get yours here.


Nativity Scene

Just in time for the holiday season! These nativity scene sculptures are elegant and beautifully designed. Don’t miss out on these!

Get yours here: https://www.zimbabweartisanalliance.com/collections/all-art/products/nativity-scene-sculpture-shona-sculpture


Recycled Metal Chicken Sculptures

Look at these gorgeous hens! Sculpted from recycled metal and hand painted.

Available in two variations here. 


Relaxed Reader Sculpture

These little readers are enjoying life! What better way to spend your time than to lay down and read? Made from serpentine stone and recycled metal. Perfect gift for an avid reader for their study or library!

Get yours here: https://www.zimbabweartisanalliance.com/collections/all-art/products/relaxed-reader-sculpture


Recycled Metal Musicians

Set of 3 Zimbabwean musicians at the end of a long day, enjoying making music together. Each made out of 100% recycled material and each one unique. Music is a large part of Zimbabwe's culture and is something to be celebrated and enjoyed!

Small Set of Musicians Available Here.

Large Set of Musicians Available Here.


Beaded Reindeer

Bring some holiday cheer this season with these beautiful beaded reindeer!

Available here.


Door Stopper/Piggy Banks

Another fun gift that will brighten up any room! Fill them with sand and use as a door stopper, or fill with coins and use them as a bank! Available in 4 different animals and different prints: https://www.zimbabweartisanalliance.com/collections/mixed-media-pieces/piggy-bank-door-stopper


Metal Servers

Perfect for tossing salads or dinner serving utensils. Made from silver by Simply Simbi in Zimbabwe.




Check out these beautiful carved and painted wood bowls! Each has a different design and looks lovely as a center piece or in your living room!



Mixed Media Collection

These beautifully crafted pieces are made from soapstone and recycled metal and show different activities that we all enjoy.




Seat Cushions

Lovely hand-made seat cushions and pillow covers! Available in sets of two.




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  • Lindsay Siney

    Hi there
    My very favourite reminder of Zimbabwe is the abstract elephants – black ones. I would love to see you make them – and I would So buy them! Lots!

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