2018 Holiday Gift Guide

The Holiday season is officially here! Don’t get caught without the perfect for your friends and loved ones. Need help figuring out the best gift for someone? We’ve got you covered!

For Those Who Embrace the Zimbabwean Culture

These gorgeously detailed sculptures are perfect for those who want to embrace and celebrate the beauty of the Zimbabwean people. Available in a male and female version.

For the Rhino Enthusiast

Whether you’re looking for a garden piece or a stand-out gallery piece, we have two wonderful rhinoceros options.

For the Big Cat Lover


For the Book Lover

Choose between multiple animal themed bookends or even lovely little readers to lay on the bookcase.

For Your Sister

Check out these gorgeous sister sets. Two beautiful options.

For Your Best Friend

Look at these beautiful best friend sets of mammas. Two beautiful options.

For the Bird Lover

Whether you’re looking for something to remind you of your favorite bird species or looking for a birdbath to keep them happy, we have options for you!
"Small Heron", perfect for indoors or the garden.


Three gorgeous options for metal birdbaths:

For the Gardener

Add these fun pieces to the garden! "Gardening" and "Water Pail" sculptures available.

For the Horse Lover

The perfect gift for equestrians! Look closely and see the variations in color in the serpentine stone and gorgeous details!
Two different horse bookends available: "Horse Bookend Dark Tones" and "Horse Bookends with Red Tones"

The Perfect Little Gift

Good gifts don't have to break the bank! Check out our list of affordable but wonderful gifts:

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