Basic Art Care Guide

Most art that Zimbabwe Artisan Alliance provides are typically low maintenance pieces that should not require timely and frustrating upkeep. Below are three different art categories that most of our pieces fall into with a easy care guide. Links will be provided below each category for a more full and in depth review of each medium, care process, repair, and history for each category.

Stone Sculpture Care:

The Shona (stone) sculptures have a special wax coating on them that should not need any form of polish. In fact, using spray polishes can actually make the wax coating deteriorate. All your sculptures should need is a light dusting with a soft cloth. Sculptures put outdoors will slowly lose their shine, however it's a very slow process.

Full Repair Guide Here


Recycled Metal Sculpture Care

Metal artwork is perfect for both indoors and outdoors! If put outdoors and in sunlight, the metal will lightly fade and have a beautiful faded look. Keep indoors if you want your piece to have the glossy look. Regardless if you keep it inside or outside, a good way to protect it is by applying a coat of clear, instant, moisture-resistant drying lacquer.

Coming soon: care process, repair, and history for metal sculptures.

Textiles Care:

These are all handmade products, but can be easily cared for with regular washing in your machine. Wash on a gentle cycle with cold water and add 1 tablespoon of salt for the best results. Tumble dry low and press if needed afterwards.

Enjoy your low maintenance materials! Please contact us if you have any further care questions.

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