How to Stage Art in Your Home

Wall Art

Hanging artwork in the right place is an extremely important aspect to showcasing your art in the best way possible! When your art is put in the right place, the focal point of the room is enhanced and clear. The great thing about art is that it can be staged alone or with other pieces. Your art should be in perfect harmony with other furniture, colors, and architectural style. Don’t fall for common mistakes in displaying your artwork, such as your piece being too small for the area, too high, or just not in the right location.

General Tips and “Rules” for Hanging Art:

For small rooms with multiple pieces of artwork to hang: hang your groupings 2-4” apart.

For large rooms with multiple pieces of artwork to hang: hang your groupings 4-6” apart.

If you’re placing artwork above the sofa, then the space in between sofa and bottom of the frame should be about 6-10 inches.

If you’re placing artwork above a table, then the spacing between the top of the table and artwork should be about 10-12 inches.

If you’re wanting to hang artwork over a fireplace, table, or sofa, they should be about 2/3rds to 3/4ths the width of the item your hanging it above. This helps keep the balance between the artwork and furniture, to avoid making the space look smaller or overcrowded.

Typically you want to avoid having artwork any higher than the top of the door frame.

A landscape creates a visual perception of depth, so landscapes look beautiful in smaller spaces.

In general, you should try to get the middle of the piece about 60 inches from the floor. This puts it around eye-level.

If placing multiple pieces of art on a staircase wall, staggering is fairly common.


Sculptures will add depth to a room and then mixed media pieces will add texture to a room. Sculptures can be interesting, eye-catching pieces when displayed effectively. The power of lighting should not be ignored! Great lighting will show off your artwork perfectly.

For large sculptures, they can be placed on display on pedestals, set on the floor, or even added to your yard landscape.

A large window and window sill is the perfect place to display an entire collection of smaller sculptures. This ties back into the good lighting note too. Natural light is perfect for displaying your collections.

Never underestimate the usefulness of a side table! Side tables are a perfect place for your small and medium sized sculptures. Side tables are perfect for sculptures, whether that is in your living room, bathroom, hallway, or bedrooms.

Shelves or your mantle are always a safe bet for displaying sculptures, just make sure the weight of the sculpture doesn’t exceed the weight the shelf can hold.

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