Spring 2018 Garden Favorites!

Spring is quickly approaching, which means many people are beginning to buy flowers and herbs to plant or pot for the season! Bring an extra touch to your garden by adding fun little pieces of art! Check out our featured pieces that would look perfect in almost any garden or flower pots:


Spruce up your herb garden with some mini hippos or elephant trio sets!


If you're using the next size up flower pot from herb pots, such as this one, you can easily use smaller elephant sculptures or small hippo sculptures on it!


Pair up a potted plant with a small sculpture with a wheelbarrow birdbath for a simple and beautiful look!


Perfect for large planters or plants in the ground, Happy Moments pieces "Water Pail" and "Gardening" will look stunning in your garden!


The perfect touch to a medium potted plant, this carved bird has stunning colors! The legs are made from recycled metals, made in Zimbabwe!


Add a rustic touch to your garden by adding a hand painted recycled metal chicken. This piece is great in all weather conditions and is the perfect piece for your garden bed.


A favorite garden decoration in Zimbabwe and the USA! These little warthogs are perfect for any garden!


This style of bird bath (or bird feeder) has been a popular choice! This bird bath looks beautiful in the sun, due to the various tones of the metal. Available in two sizes, small and large.



These bicycle plant holders or candle holders perfect for a front porch, garden, yard, or inside the home. Made from recycled metal, this fellow bicycling was made in Zimbabwe. Available in a size medium and small.



Dive into spring with this dolphin sculpture! Perfect size for smaller pots, get yours here.


This beautiful piece features a gorgeous combination of colors and blends within the stone, locally found in Zimbabwe and a tranquil expression.

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