Spring Lawn and Garden Featured Art 2017

Spring is in the air! Get your garden ready for the spring with Zimbabwe Artisan Alliance's "Spring Lawn and Garden Featured Art 2017".

"Carved Bird Birdbath" Shona Sculpture

This incredible bird bath is carved from serpentine stone and beautifully detailed with a delightful little bird carving. Another example of Shona art talent in Zimbabwe.

Made by the artist Kingston.

Available here.


"Heron Set" Recycled Metal Artwork

A beautiful and graceful set of a medium and small heron. Perfect for lawn, garden, or home! This heron has a wonderful texture and the colors of the metal look great in the sun. Herons can commonly be found in Zimbabwe. This heron sculpture is made from recycled metal in Zimbabwe.

Available here.


Happy Moments Collectible No. 10 "Couple Swinging"

Heartfelt Shona sculpture of mixing serpentine stone and recycled metals. Making memories on a swing! Handmade couple and working swing set using recycled metal and serpentine stone. Made in Zimbabwe.

By the artist: Maria Museigwa

Available here.


"Set of Braided Heron" Recycled Metal Artwork

Check out these braided heron! If you look closely at this heron you can see the attention to detail that is put into its neck and feathers. Put the heron in the sun and you can really see all the different shades in the recycled metal that was used. The set includes one large braided heron and a medium braided heron.

Available here.


"Medium Round Metal Birdbath" Recycled Metal Artwork

This style of bird bath (or bird feeder) has been a popular choice! This bird bath is perfect for any garden! This bird bath looks beautiful in the sun, due to the various tones in the metal. This bird bath was made from recycled metal in Zimbabwe. Can be used as a shallow bird bath or as a bird feeder.


"Wheelbarrow Birdbath" Sculpture

Made from beautiful stone and recycled metal, this will look stunning your garden or yard! This sculpture will look lovely by itself, used as a birdbath, used as a bird feeder, or as a mini pot holder for your flowers.

Made by the artist Kingston.

Available here.


Happy Moments Collectible No. 5 "Staying Dry"

Trying to stay dry from the rain, this sculpture is a part of the "Happy Moments" collection. Made from serpentine stone and recycled metal in Zimbabwe.

By the artist Maria Museigwa.

Available here.

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