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Spring 2018 Garden Favorites!

Spring is quickly approaching, which means many people are beginning to buy flowers and herbs to plant or pot for the season! Bring an extra touch to your garden by adding fun little pieces of art! Check out our featured pieces that would look perfect in almost any garden or flower pots:

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Spring Lawn and Garden Featured Art 2017

Spring is in the air! Get your garden ready for the spring with Zimbabwe Artisan Alliance's "Spring Lawn and Garden Featured Art 2017". "Carved Bird Birdbath" Shona Sculpture This incredible bird bath is carved from serpentine stone and beautifully detailed with a delightful little bird carving. Another example of Shona art talent in Zimbabwe. Made by the artist Kingston. Available here.   "Heron Set" Recycled Metal Artwork A beautiful and graceful set of a medium and small heron. Perfect for lawn, garden, or home! This heron has a wonderful texture and the colors of the metal look great in the sun. Herons can commonly be found in Zimbabwe. This heron sculpture is made from recycled metal in Zimbabwe. Available here....

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How to Stage Art in Your Home

Wall Art Hanging artwork in the right place is an extremely important aspect to showcasing your art in the best way possible! When your art is put in the right place, the focal point of the room is enhanced and clear. The great thing about art is that it can be staged alone or with other pieces. Your art should be in perfect harmony with other furniture, colors, and architectural style. Don’t fall for common mistakes in displaying your artwork, such as your piece being too small for the area, too high, or just not in the right location. General Tips and “Rules” for Hanging Art: For small rooms with multiple pieces of artwork to hang: hang your groupings 2-4”...

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