Zimbabwe Artisan Alliance Holidays and Gift Guide 2016

It's time to get ready for decorating for November and December! Impress your guests with unique and hand made pieces for gatherings. Looking for a good host gift or holiday gift? Look no further! We've gathered a large group of pieces that will be perfect for gifts!

"Pumpkin Ladies" Shona Sculpture by Tyler Nkomo

Harvest time has arrived for these women. These Shona sculptures feature 3 different women gathering pumpkins. Each stone sculpture is uniquely detailed, all hand carved from serpentine stone in Zimbabwe. These are the perfect sculptures to add a touch of fall with elegance.

Available here.

"Yield's Day" Shona Sculpture by Boet Nyariri


Perfectly detailed Shona sculpture, hand-carved and detailed from serpentine stone. This lovely African woman is carrying a pumpkin back home. Slender and sophisticated design. Another beautiful sculpture that is elegant and incorporates fall.

Available here.

"Nativity Scene Set" Sculpture by Kingston


A beautiful and gorgeously detailed nativity scene set. Sculpted from serpentine stone and recycled metal in Zimbabwe. Perfect little set to greet guests at the table, counter, kitchen island, or mantel.

Available here.


"Set of Two Angels" Sculpture by Kingston

A beautiful set of two angels. Sculpted from serpentine stone and recycled metal details. Perfect little set to greet guests at the table, counter, kitchen island, or mantel. 

Available here

"Mother Welcoming Child" Sculpture by Kingston

A loving mother welcoming her child with open arms! Made from serpentine stone and recycled metal in Zimbabwe. A wonderful, heartfelt gift for your mother to show your appreciation and love for her.

Available here.

"Father and Child" Sculpture by Kingston

A loving and sweet father holding his child on his shoulders! Made from serpentine stone in Zimbabwe. A perfect gift for your father to show how much you appreciate him and enjoy being around him.

Available here.

"Mother and Child" Shona Sculpture by Gift Rusere

A touching Shona sculpture that shows the love and care that a mother gives to her child. This is one loving African mother. Created from the talented artist Gift Rusere, it shows how beautiful his work is. This Shona sculpture is carved from serpentine stone, commonly found in Zimbabwe. A beautiful, loving sculpture for a new mother who's experiencing the joy of motherhood.

Available here.

"Multi-Color Beaded Giraffe" by Gerald

This is one fun sculpture! Made from easily bent metal, this giraffe can bend and move to which ever position you want to move it. Perfect for a nursery, children's room, or bedroom. Bring joy to some children with this whimsical and wild giraffe! Such a fun gift for them!

Available here.

"Robin" Recycled Metal Artwork by James Suraji

A little robin made from recycled metal crafted in Zimbabwe. Each robin is unique and features a painted red belly. Great for the garden or home. A perfect little robin for the nature lover in your life!

Available here.

"Guitar" by Malvern

Wonderful combination of Shona sculpting with recycled metal sculpting. Zimbabweans love music! Unique guitar hand crafted using recycled metal scraps and hand carved serpentine stone, locally found in Zimbabwe. Perfect gift for an aspiring musician or someone who enjoys the guitar!

Available here.


"Set of Musicians" Recycled Metal Artwork by David

Set of 3 Zimbabwean musicians at the end of a long day, enjoying making music together. Each made out of 100% recycled material and each one unique. Music is a large part of Zimbabwe's culture and is something to be celebrated and enjoyed! A great gift for the musician in your life! This can be done as a set or individually.

Available here.

"Abstract Lovers" Shona Sculpture by Jairos Clement

A Shona sculpture that is elegantly designed! Simple but meaningful. A beautiful representation of love, this stone sculpture is made from serpentine stone, locally sourced in Zimbabwe. This Shona sculpture represents love at the simplest form. Surprise your love with this heartfelt sculpture for the holidays this year!

Available here.

Happy Moments Collectible No. 9 "Couple Under Umbrella" by Maria Museigwa

How lovely is this? A couple sharing an umbrella and trying to stay dry! This sculpture is made from serpentine stone and recycled metals in Zimbabwe. Another wonderful gift for your love, show them that you'll stand with them in the rain or sunshine!

Available here.


Happy Moments Collectible No. 8 "Fishing" by Maria Museigwa

A day well spent is a day spent fishing! Don't miss out on this catch! Made of recycled metals and serpentine stone by the Zimbabwean artist Maria Museigwa. Her talent shines through her work. Perfect for the fisherman in your life! This way he'll always have a catch!

Available here.

"Beautiful Attire Mamma" Shona Sculpture by Andrew Kudakwashe

This style of Shona sculpture - the "African Mamma" was first created by Colleen Madamombe in Zimbabwe. Since her death, many of her understudies have continued with her unique interpretation of the African Women and their lifestyle. Beautiful detail and peaceful faces make these items particularly special. These Shona stone sculptures are a beautiful part of the Zimbabwe art culture.

Look at this fashionable Mamma, perfect for someone who loves fashion and clothes!

Available now.

Happy Moments Collectible No. 6 "Single Reader" by Maria Museigwa

Nothing like reading a good book and certainly a happy moment! Made with serpentine stone and recycled metals in Zimbabwe. Part of the "Happy Moments" collection.

Available here.


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