Zimbabwe Artisan Alliance Featured Elephants

Elephants are incredible animals that can be found in Zimbabwe. With their regal stature and soulful eyes, it is no wonder that artists are inspired by them and create  works of art to emulate their beauty. We feature all shapes and sizes of elephants in many different mediums. Below is our current inventory of elephant inspired art!

"Elegant Elephant" Shona Sculpture

Look at this majestic elephant Shona sculpture! This African elephant sculpture stands tall and proud. Beautifully crafted from serpentine stone in Zimbabwe. By the artist Johan. Available here.


"Abstract Elephant" Shona Sculpture

African Shona sculpture of a mother and child elephant with a beautiful range of flecks, speckles and colours brought out of the stone with the final wax and polish process. By the artist Tafireyi Tendayi. Available here.

"Abstract Elephant" Shona Sculpture

Shona sculpture of an abstract elephant. Look at the detail of its eyes and the incredible coloration of the stone. Wise beyond its years, this African elephant will be a fabulous addition to someone's collection. By the artist Johan. Available here.


"Orange Elephant Tapestry/ Table Runner" Zimbabwe Textiles

A wonderful piece, featuring a magnificent African elephant and its calf. This piece can be used as a wall hanging or a table runner. It is hand painted by the artist Kunaka. Available here.

“Elephants And Baobab”

"Artists generally always like to improve and do something more imaginative and creative than their previous paintings and I'm no different in that respect. I'd done elephant and baobab trees before (the upsidedown tree), but the trick was how to do this in a unique and unusual way I hadn't previously tried. Here, a small group of elephant are determinedly emerging from the bush while the tree itself, already distant, is of such magnitude that it still overshadows them." By the artist Garth Swift and available here.

"Mother and Child Abstract Elephants" Shona Sculpture

Mother and Child Shona sculpture featuring abstract elephants. African elephants inspire artists to create such beautiful sculptures! Beautiful detail in their body shape and bodies! The colours throughout the stone show very well on their ears. By the artist Tafireyi Tendayi. Available here.

"Blue Elephant Placemats" Zimbabwe Textiles

Beautiful blues with the elephant dominating the scene! These elephant inspired placemats are hand printed by Zimbabwean women who work from  home. Their wares are then sold at the Avondale Market in Harare, Zimbabwe. This set was made by the artist Patricia. Available here.


"Elephant" Place Card Holders Set of 4

Lightweight and wonderfully detailed, a set of four place card holders. Available here.

"A Giant Among Giants"

"I always wanted to create a picture of a very large baobab tree with some elephants, and do it as close to scale as I possibly could. I found this particular tree in the Limpopo province of South Africa-one of the four largest baobab trees in the country.

I'd seen a photograph of a friend's pickup truck parked underneath the hanging branch at lower right-and that gives an idea of how big this tree actually is. Of course nowadays there is a fence there and the noise of people stopping by to look at it, but one can imagine what it might have been like 150 years ago when a passing herd of elephant paused to rest in the shade of the giant during their onward trek through the bush."
By the artist Garth Swift. Available here.

"Elephant Red Tapestry/ Table Runner" Zimbabwe Textiles

This tapestry or table runner features four African elephants. This piece can be used as a wall hanging or a table runner. Each piece  is uniquely made in Zimbabwe. 

By the artist Kunaka. Available here.



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