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Shona Sculpture Repair Tips

The Shona people, a large culture of roughly 9 million people based in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. The Shona people have strong family values that can be seen in their artwork. Artistic abilities and stone sculpting run deep in the Shona culture. These sculptures are typically made with locally mined serpentine stone in Zimbabwe, then carved, and waxed. Re-waxing If for some reason your wax finish needs to be touched up or re-done, apply a clear wax, beeswax, or furniture wax. Just be sure that it is clear and not colored. Get the stone and wax in the sun for a little bit to warm up, then use a soft cloth to rub in the wax to the area that’s needed...

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A Glimpse of Where Your Art Came From

When most people think of where art is displayed and comes from they may think of a nice little art studio or a sterile art gallery? Zimbabwe Artisan Alliance purchases art in Zimbabwe from hard working artists. The art ranges from Zimbabwean Shona sculptures, or stone sculptures, made typically from serpentine stone which is locally mined in and around Zimbabwe, recycled metal art sculptures, hand printed fabrics and textiles, and large paintings and drawings. Their art is displayed typically outdoors. The art is displayed sitting on the ground, across wooden palettes, on a blanket, or sometimes with a cinder block under it. This incredible artwork has humble beginnings in Zimbabwe, take a journey through these photos and see where this...

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Basic Art Care Guide

Most art that Zimbabwe Artisan Alliance provides are typically low maintenance pieces that should not require timely and frustrating upkeep. Below are three different art categories that most of our pieces fall into with a easy care guide. Links will be provided below each category for a more full and in depth review of each medium, care process, repair, and history for each category. Stone Sculpture Care: The Shona (stone) sculptures have a special wax coating on them that should not need any form of polish. In fact, using spray polishes can actually make the wax coating deteriorate. All your sculptures should need is a light dusting with a soft cloth. Sculptures put outdoors will slowly lose their shine, however...

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