"The Duellists"

Garth Swift

"The Duellists"

$ 170.00

"Giraffe hold a special place in my heart-they are the most beautiful graceful creatures and their huge, gentle almond eyes often seem to gaze upon us lowly creatures with a hint of mirth and peacefulness as if to say "....go quietly and leave no trace". One sees them often alone or in pairs or groups; on the plains, in thickets of trees reaching up to get that morsel, or waiting patiently for their turn to drink while others get their fill. They are also seen occasionally "necking" two males fighting for dominance by crashing their necks, or the horns on their heads together. Fortunately this practice seldom leads to injury. 

I think an image of these animals on a grassy plain underneath a dark sky with towering clouds is Africa showing her heart."

By the artist: Garth Swift

8 1/4"x 16 1/2"

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