Recycled Metal Artwork

With the same creativity and dedication to craft as shown in the stone Sculptures, a growing number of Zimbabwe artisans are experimenting and using recycled metals to compose beautiful and engaging welded metal art pieces of native wildlife and lifestyle.  

Used steel oil drums are commonly used and they are burnished and cleaned before the artistic work begins. The metal is then cut into the different elements of the sculpture using a hand-operated guillotine. These are then hammered into shape on a large wooden tree stump. A framework is welded together, then the components are attached to it to create the individual designs. Finally, the sculpture is dipped in lacquer, enhancing the patina of the metal and giving a protective coating for outdoor display.

The sky is the limit to our metal artisans creativity! Culturally-oriented abstracts, indigenous wildlife, and lifestyle art are but just a few of collections available through our artisans.

Our recycled metal art pieces are perfect for indoor or outdoor (garden, pool, patio, etc.) exhibition and ready for your personal creative touch!