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Meet Our Artists 

These artists work incredibly hard at what they do. Each artist has a unique story behind their upbringing and how they got to this point in life. Know that all artwork that is available by Zimbabwe Artisan Alliance is made by a talented and hard-working artist in Zimbabwe. We are constantly adding artists and their stories to the website, so be sure to check back for added artists and updates!

Gift Rusere

Gift Rusere on the left and Boet Nyariri

Gift Clergy Rusere was born on June 21st, 1986 in Harare and was the 1st born in a family of 5 children. He attended primary schooling at St. Peters in Chihota Village. He lived with his grandmother while in primary school, while his siblings lived Harare with his mother. Grade 4 was a hard year for Gift, because his grandmother passed away, so he moved back to Harare to live with his mother, then his father passed away that same year. When he came to Harare, Gift stayed with his uncle in Mbare, who was into arts and crafts. His family could not afford to send him to school in Harare, so Gift began to go to a church where they lived. He met other kids who were also poor at the church where they received free education for 3 days a week. A teacher at the church, Patrick Jekapu, who taught the children to do Batiks and wire toys. Gift found this so boring, that he would run off to go play football. His uncle did stone carvings and began to teach Gift how to carve sculptures at the Chinembiri Arts centre. He would carve after school and while at this informal school, he met a volunteer from England, Joanne Chico, who volunteered to send Gift to school and pay for his school fees. Unfortunately in 2000, Joanne had to leave Zimbabwe for political reasons and could no longer pay for his schooling. Gift had to carve sculptures and sell them after school to pay his fees. Gift mostly works with spring stone, fruit serpentine, and cobalt stone. He had to work as a salesperson at one point, when the economy was so hard and difficult to sell art in. In 2007, he met Andreas Wutz, a film maker from Germany, who had eventually persuaded Gift to apply to study art in Germany. He was the only student from Africa who was accepted for the winter semester. Gift took German lessons before going to Germany. While in German lessons, he met Joshua Friedman, an American who saw the talent that Gift had for sculpting. Joshua organized a solo exhibition for Gift and sold about two thirds of his sculptures. Gift’s sculptures can be found in Germany, the USA, Netherlands, Canada, and Australia. Gift believes that “art is life and life is art, everyone is an artist somewhere, somehow”.

View Gift Rusere's work here.

Boet Nyariri

Boet Nyariri was born in 1977 in Mhondoro, Zimbabwe. After Boet met the sculptor Tinashe Makaza, he began his artistic career in sculpting. His talent is shown in all of his springstone sculptures! Some of his accomplishments consists of being an Artist in Residence at Chapungu Sculpture Park for 7 years and he was the winner in the sculpture category of the National Arts Merit Awards in 2010. His work can be found in various galleries all over the world. We are absolutely thrilled to have some of Boet’s work featured on our website. When you see his art, it’s clear to see the amount of talent and love for what he does.

View Boet Nyariri's work here.


David bases himself and his carvings and metal work at the Newlands Center in Harare. His work is excellent quality and he is able to capture the essence of his topics. David can always be found at Newlands with his work, some of which is pictured here.

View David's work here.


Robson is one of the many artisans found at the Newlands Center displaying his work. We particularly liked his carvings of the Stout Women, and his abstract elephants. His pleasant disposition made him easy to work with and we look forward to selling his work and helping him support his family.

View Robson's work here.

Maria Museigwa

Maria was born in Harare, Zimbabwe. She is currently based at Newlands Arts and Craft Center, where she currently sells her art. She has been creating beautiful art and selling them since 2000 and is clearly talented! Her grandfather taught her how to make her art. He also taught her how to play the mbira (thumb-piano, a cultural, African take on the piano)!

View Maria Museigwa's work.


Malvern works with his sister Maria and made the unique multi-media guitars. Each one is uniquely made and the imagination and ingenuity is amazing!

View Malvern's work here.

James Suraji

James was born in 1965 in Harare, Zimbabwe, he began making art when he was 16 years old. He has been in the art industry for 27 years. Everything his children ate came from him selling his art and his hard work. Whenever you see metal trash rusting away, James Suraji sees an opportunity. This resourceful artist creates art from rusting, wasted, metals. James Suraji is quickly becoming one of most popular artists in Zimbabwe. You can see some of his work in several roundabouts at the capital. He enjoys working with recycled metal because it doesn’t limit him as stone would, especially for his taller pieces. He enjoys the easily available metals that can be used to make his pieces, such as common scrap metal, car parts, and any metal that has iron in it. When he isn’t working on creating his art, he’s teaching sculpting in Mbare.

View James Suraji's work here.

Sadda Suraji

"James Suraji is my father who was born in 1965 in Harare. I am 3rd born in a family of four. My name is Sadda Suraji and I was born on the 13th of August, 1992 into a family of art. My father is an artist since when he was 16 years old, he helped me to navigate the road into the Arts Industry. It has always been a passion for one to be in the Arts, in fact, I don't see myself in any other industry because I really do enjoy it!
Challenges I have faced as an individual are financial, customers are few these days and this causes our industry to be in a bad position. I want to enjoy this industry the whole of my life, but now I can see that in five years my business would be down because of the few customers. When I started in this industry my father had a lot of customers. As we grew up in this family of ours, everything we ate came from art and my father's work. He has been in this industry for 27 years.
Sometimes it is too difficult to raise the money of materials in order to produce our work. I do animals, insects and all other things used by pupils. I want to spread my art in different countries like my father did. The prices of my work is become down and few people appreciate what I do, but in this way my talent now if from God. Sometimes when I am sleeping I dream ideas to add to my work."

Garth Swift


With the degradation of the planet and its natural resources and rapidly diminishing reserves of wildlife, artists have a major role in focusing public awareness on the wilderness and its preservation.

Having lived in Africa all his life and painted globally from New Zealand to North America, Garth's work can be recognized by its incredible realism, wide open vistas and sweeping panoramas; and although proficient in acrylic and pencil, watercolour remains his passion.

"...when someone views my paintings, I want to immerse them in the moment, so they can think of nothing but what they're seeing; I want them to be a part of it, to feel the heat, to taste the dryness and smell the coming rain on the wind."

His formative years were spent at boarding schools and on a farm in Zimbabwe, which nurtured his creative instincts: very early in life, he knew he would be an artist. On leaving school, he studied Fine Art in Durban, South Africa, where students were encouraged to express themselves anyway they saw fit and it was here that he discovered watercolour. After a few false starts to his career, Garth traveled the world for four years, painting and perfecting his craft.

Returning to South Africa, he now paints full time and his work is sought after by hunters and collectors alike.

Click here to see our collection of wildlife art by Garth Swift


Andrew Kudakwashe

Kudakwashe Andrew Nyagweta was born in 1971 in his rural area Rusape in Manicaland Province in Zimbabwe. He did not finish his school due to financial constraints, because his father could not pay for his fees because he was suffering from diabetes. Andrew dropped out of school whilst he was doing Zimbabwe Junior Certificate, he met a famous sculptor and painter as well, by the name Thomas Mukarumbwa, who later became his mentor. Thomas had exhibited in Europe, America, Australia.

Andrew worked under the tutelage of Thomas from 1986 until 1989. During this time, he got so much inspiration from the renowned sculptor whom he was working with. He later moved to Harare the capital city where he later joined Chinembiri sculpture Centre in Mbare where he worked with some other various artists.

He mostly prefers to work with springstone, fruit serpentine, green opal etc. His works is found in different countries such as Indonesia, USA, Germany, Netherlands and South Africa, he is married and has got 4 children.

View Andrew Kudakwashe's work here.

Tafireyi Tendayi

Tafireyi  Tendayi  was  born  in 1964  in  Chikomba   area,  in  the countryside  of  Zimbabwe. He  is  married . He  started  carving  in  1995  after  he was  influenced  by  his  uncle  Sebastian Chinyama  a  renowned  sculptor.
Tafireyi  works  mostly  in  colourfull fruit  serpentine  and  other  variations  of serpentine. He  has  a  workshop  at  his house  in  Chitungwiza  Zimbabwe. Some  of  his work  can  be  found  in  galleries  in countries  such  as  USA , Germany , Netherlands and Australia .


 Meet Daniel, he can be found at the Newlands Center in Harare. He's the fantastic artist that sculpts many of the hippo birdbaths that Zimbabwe Artisan Alliance offers!

View Daniel's work here.



Meet Fanwell, he is the talented and hardworking artist that creates the popular carved stone birds on poles for flower pots and gardens!

View Fanwell's work here.



Meet Johan, he is a very talented sculptor who makes many different creations! His sculptures are typically made from serpentine stone and all have their own unique colors and designs. We have a wide variety of his sculptures, such as elephants, abstract creations, hippos, and mammas.

View Johan’s work here.


Tyler Nkomo

Meet Tyler Nkomo, a very talented sculptor! When you look at his work, it’s clear to see how much detail and talent he puts into his art. We currently feature several pumpkin ladies, a woman gathering firewood and “Bright Future” sculptures by Tyler Nkomo.

View Tyler Nkomo’s work here.

More Artists Coming Soon!