"Happy Mamma" Shona Sculpture

Andrew Kudakwashe

"Happy Mamma" Shona Sculpture

$ 65.00

This style of Shona sculpture - the "African Mamma" was first created by Colleen Madamombe in Zimbabwe. Since her death, many of her understudies have continued with  her unique interpretation of the African Women and their lifestyle. Beautiful detail and peaceful faces make these items  particularly special. These Shona stone sculptures are a beautiful part of the Zimbabwe art culture.

She's a beautiful happy Mamma! Smiling in the sun, this Shona sculpture is stunning!

Made by Andrew Kudakwashe.

Made from serpentine stone in Zimbabwe.

*Disclaimer: all pieces are art and are uniquely made. There may be slight variations. All variations and imperfections should be admired and celebrated.